Alkaram Lawn 2016Summer Season is at its ending point now-a-days. This midsummer duration has its own unique Fashion Trends a bit diverse from full hot weather. For this purpose, we have come with an Alkaram Lawn 2016 Midsummer Dresses Collection for Ladies in this Post.

Alkaram Lawn 2016Alkaram Lawn 2016Name of Alkaram is not fairly innovative in the Fashion Markets. Al Karam Studio is working in the dress making field for a couple of years. Today, Alkaram Studio has become one of the Top Fashion Houses in Pakistan. But their products are not only sold locally on country level but also across the globe. Alkram offers amazing dresses collections for both Gents & Ladies. They introduce their products for various occasions & for all seasons. Their current Alkaram Lawn 2016 is a Feminine Dresses Collection.Alkaram Lawn 2016 Alkaram Lawn 2016

Dresses in this Alkaram Lawn 2016 Collection are in the shape of Short & Medium Length. The compilation comprises Shirts that can be paired with Cigarette Pants & Tulip Pants. Printed Work is used to adorn the designs of dresses. Glowing Colors are used with lovely combinations to add more beauty to the designs of the dresses. The clothes in this collection are purely Casual Dresses. Ladies may wear them on various occasions like Marriage Parties, Family Gatherings & other Functions etc. These dresses are fairly available on all the shopping stores in every city of the country. Moreover, customers may also purchase them online via Internet.Alkaram Lawn 2016 Alkaram Lawn 2016

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